Below are a list of businesses and community groups that operate in North Corktown. Learn more below and click the links to their websites to learn more about visiting or supporting.

Local Businesses


Hostel Detroit

The first of its kind in the city, Hostel Detroit is a non-profit that offers affordable stay in a social atmosphere. They not only care about accommodating newcomers to Detroit with a nice place to sleep, but also helping them experience the city throughout the day. They have a specific mission to educate visitors about the past, present and future of Detroit.




Knox Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Knox Cleaners has established business from residents all over the city. As online ratings can validate, they do a great job cleaning, hemming, and they make the experience painless. Just make sure to unbutton your shirts or they will give you a hard time.






Team Screen Printing

Team Screen is a family-owned, custom clothing print shop that has been in the Corktown area since 1970. Currently operating next to the Michigan Teamsters building at Trumbull and Spruce St., Team Screen continues to provide screen printing services to many community organizations, schools, sports teams and businesses. 






Brother Nature Produce

Brother Nature is a large garden (pictured above) in North Corktown that sells its produce to local food vendors and at farmers' markets. You can get in on the action by joining their weekly produce pick up program. Salad greens, veggies, fruits, flowers, herbs and even hot sauce are available. Visit them as well at Eastern Market and the Thursday Corktown Market.






Pomarium et Hortus St. Gall Farm

St. Gall was established in 2013 on the East of Wabash St. between Perry and Temple, across the street from one of North Corktown's oldest urban farms, Hope Takes Root. They describe themselves as an orchard and garden full of old world specialty items, and are dedicated to providing interesting and unusual product to the contemporary table. St. Gall also participates in the Corktown Farmers Market. 






Community Groups


Corktown Studios

Corktown Studios is an artist collective that provides affordable studio space and exhibition space for members. Members also participate in hospitality, housing, and agriculture projects in and around North Corktown. They frequently host open houses, exhibits, and other social events. 




Spaulding Court

Spaulding Court, also known as Friends at Spaulding Court, is a non-profit that is focused on rejuvenating the apartment complex at Rosa Parks Blvd. and Perry St. The project is a grassroots effort to rehabilitate the living units. Many residences stay for subsidized rent while renovating the unit themselves. Residents at Spaulding Court often host community events for the complex and help fundraising efforts of other community partners.



Covenant House

In the northwest corner of North Corktown, Covenant House has a team of staff and volunteers that create a family and living sanctuary for youth who have no other home. Covenant House provides food, shelter, and several programs designed to help young people improve themselves with the goal of graduating high school or obtaining their GED. Their website has a link to show how much your support could impact the program, and they frequently host events that support the organization as well.




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