While North Corktown is a quieter counterpart to the growing Michigan Ave. Business District, you don't have to go far for fun. Below are few things that should be on your radar if you live in the neighborhood or happen to be around the area.  


Nancy Whiskey

Constantly featured as a top neighborhood bar in state and national media, Nancy's has something for everybody and events all year round. On weekdays it's a hot spot for neighbors. On weekends, it features the region's best musical talent. Stop in for a Friday Fish Fry, free juke box Wednesday, or just to hear about their roots in the city's history. You won't regret seeing Jimmy Hoffa's phone booth or learning why they enjoy Tullamore Dew.




The Pink Flamingo

Ran by Guerrilla Food, Pink Flamingo is a pop up food truck that runs every Thursday, all summer long. The menu is different every week and features ingredients that are grown right in the neighborhood. On a warm evening, the Pink Flamingo has one of the best atmospheres in the entire city. With a bonfire (pictured above) that encourages meeting and getting to know others, there's always a new neighbor or a Hostel Detroit tenant enjoying the neighborhood.




Motor City Casino
Might not need much of an introduction. Motor City Casino is within the North Corktown neighborhood lines and is walkable from the residential streets. Built in the factory building that used to make Wonder Bread, Motor City Casino is much more than a place to gamble. You can see concert or show at the Sound Board, or have a meal at one of the highest rated restaurants in Detroit, Iridescence. 




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