North Corktown is full of public spaces for the community to enjoy, many of them by the residents themselves! Take a look at a few of the spots to visit around the neighborhood.


Monumental Kitty

The Kitty resides at the foot of the Cochrane pedestrian bridge. The plan was to put another sculpture at the foot of the south entrance of the bridge as a way to "bridge" the two sides of Corktown together. The Sculptor was North Corktown resident Jerome Ferretti, and the landscape was designed and is currently maintained in kind by Detroit Farm and Garden.

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The North Corktown Pheasant

The North Corktown Pheasant was designed by Bob Spence as a part of a Summer in the City project in 2015. The project is scheduled to be a featured this year in a Travel Channel show that is hosted by actor Terry Crews. The Pheasant is very significant to the neighborhood (making it's way into the NCNA logo as well) because they are one of North Corktown's most famous residents. Giving the city a small town feel, pheasants are known to wander around the neighborhood when the weather gets warm.

Summer in the City's Website


Nagel Field

Nagel Field is a giant park south of Burton Elementary School on on Rosa Parks between MLK Blvd. and Elm St. Off of Nagel Field is where the NCNA is starting the rain garden project. The field is set up for football, soccer, and baseball. Local high school and club sports use the field for practice and events, but there is still plenty of time for the neighborhood to take advantage of the space as well.




North Corktown Commons

The North Corktown Commons is a park that is being created by the North Corktown Neighborhood Association at the corner of Cochrane and Ash St. The Commons is perfect for community gatherings and for neighbors to relax. There is a garden, tables, benches, and a bulletin board sign neighbors can utilize. Feel free to enjoy the park as a place to relax, read, and eat. You can also plan meetings and community events in the space.


Fish Park

This pocket park was creatied during the revitalization efforts of the Greater Corktown Development Corporation in the mid 2000s. At Cochrane and Ash St., this park is an example of how many other corners in the city could be activated as spaces the community can enjoy. The "Trout Perch" sculpture was created by Tom Rudd and the "Chess"sculpture was created by Graem Whyte. Currently maintained in kind by Detroit Farm and Garden.

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Cochrane Birdhouses

The birdhouses on Cochrane and Temple are another example of North Corktown residents coming together to beautify the neighborhood. Built by residents on private property, but for everyone to enjoy, especially birds.







Rosa Parks & Temple

Another result of the 2000s revitalization efforts, the park at Rosa Parks and Temple is the result of another resident collaboration that included the property owner, businesses Brother Nature and Motor City Casino, who created the planters.






Intersections Park

This corner lot is another product of the mid-2000s revitalization efforts. Intersections is a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks at the streets that were named after them. The pathway resembles two crocodiles overlapping, a West African Adinkra symbol for unity. There is a lot more story available at the actual park to learn about the significance of the art. Designed by Jeff Klein of Detroit Farm and Garden.

Detroit Farm and Garden's website


Spirit Farm

The Spirit Farm is a large, fully functional and high quality garden that is operated in conjunction with the Spirit of Hope Church. At the farm you can see a painted sign showing locations of several other gardens around the neighborhood. Spirit Farm is used for several events, but its biggest impact is showing the community how to produce high quality food efficiently. The food from the farm is used for soup kitchens and is also an educational tool for students in the community.



Mary Ellen Riordan Mural

Painted in 2016 by Nicole Macdonald, this mural at Cochrane and MLK Jr. Blvd. is in honor of Mary Ellen Riordan, who was inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame. Riordan was the first woman to lead the Detroit Federation of Teachers and first woman to lead a major union. 

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North Corktown Tree Farm

The tree farm near the I-75 service drive is a project by Corktown Housing as a temporary way to activate the space. Trees from this park have been planted in several places throughout the neighborhood.






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