The North Corktown Neighborhood Association is the neighborhood group organized and consisting of residents, business owners, and stakeholders within the boundaries of the North Corktown neighborhood. There are general meetings held 4 times a year, with the goal of bringing together all the association members for updates and discussion on current news and initiatives involving North Corktown, as well as planing community improvements through individual and committee led projects. 

If you live in North Corktown, own or work for a business/community organization, you qualify to become a member of the NCNA. To join the NCNA - please click here and download the application form, then email it to or bring it in to the next meeting. 

The NCNA Board

The North Corktown Neighborhood Association consists of at least 8 NCNA members that are elected once a year to lead meetings, committees, neighborhood conversations, and to be a general resource for all NCNA members.

The board currently consists of the 9 following NCNA members:

Linda Bain
Pastor Robert Bullard
Paul Emery (President)
Michelle Knight (Treasurer)
Nicole Knight
Will McDowell
Sharrie Shivers (Vice President)
Detricia Talley
Robbie Wheeler

Current NCNA Projects

Below are a list of current projects being spearheaded by the NCNA board that will have updates given at the quarterly meetings.

1. Rain Garden Project (pictured above)
The NCNA is currently completing a one block Rain Garden on Ash St. between Rosa Parks Blvd. and Harrison St. Our rain garden is a depression in the curb right off the street that allows rainwater to run into the soil instead of the sewer system while growing native plants. There is still work being done to obtain further funding to expand the rain garden throughout the neighborhood. 

2. Loan Fund Program
The loan fund program allows any NCNA member to apply for loan up to $5,000 to use for emergency or time sensitive home repairs. We do not collect any interest on the loan. We have given out a few loans so far and while our capacity is currently limited, feel free to check in to see if you qualify.

3. Grant Fund Program
The grant fund allows neighbors to apply for up to $100 of funding for neighborhood beautification projects.

4. NCNA Owned-Property
The NCNA currently owns 8 parcels in North Corktown, and is currently discussing the different options for the properties both short and long term.

How to Get Involved

For any inquiries about joining the NCNA, the board, or to get involved in any of the projects above, email

North Corktown Neighborhood Association Bylaws

Click here to download the Bylaws.